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Information Security Reference That Doesn't Suck


  • Make it informal, list of techniques by grouping, references, better version of RTFM
  • End goal is for it to be a rich resource of infosec knowledge for anyone to browse through as a jumping off point for various niches within infosec, or as a reference/recall method for other things.

#####This page

  • This page has links to some of the content on here. This is still very much a WIP. More content is within the Draft folder. If you want to contribute, feel free.
Offense(mostly) Defense(mostly) Other
Attacking/Defending Android Anonymity & Opsec & Privacy Building a Pen Test Lab
Attacking/Defending iOS Basic Security Information CTFs & Wargames
BIOS/UEFI/Firmware Attacks/Defense Counter Surveillance Cryptography & Encryption
Embedded Device Security Forensics & Incident Response Cheat sheets
Exfiltration Home Security Conference Recordings
Exploit Dev Honeypots Courses
Google Hacking Logging CryptoCurrencies
Fuzzing Network Security Monitoring/Incident Response Darknets10
Lockpicking Threat Modeling Data Analysis/Visualization
Malware Disclosure
Network Attacks and Defense Disinformation
Network Recon _ Documentation and Reporting
OSINT _ Interesting Things & Useufl Information
Passwords _ Programming Courses/References/Guides/Useful libs
Privilege Escalation and Post-Exploitation Sandboxes
Reverse Engineering SysAdmin Stuff
REMATH Reversse Engineering System Internals(not sysinternals Tools)
Rootkits UX Design
Social Engineering Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Profit.
Wireless Networks & RF
Web Applications & Browsers
Wireless Networks and RF Devices