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##CTFs & Wargames

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Cull [CTF Scripts and PyInstaller (.py > .exe) CTF Scripts and PyInstaller (.py > .exe)


  • CTF Challenge Framework for Windows 8 and above


  • Greenhorn is a Windows Pwnable released during CSAW Quals 2014. It's meant to be an introduction to modern Windows binary exploitation.

###General ctf-time

Suggestions on Running a CTF

  • This document describes some of the design decisions and technical details involved in running a CTF competition. It attempts to summarize some opinions held by the CTF community and list some specific pitfalls to avoid when designing problems.

CTF Writeups

CTF write-ups 2015

Archive of recent CTFs

The Many Maxims of Maximally Effective CTFs

Pwning (sometimes) with style Dragons’ notes on CTFs

Golden Flag CTF Awards


Ringzer0 team CTF Description: RingZer0 Team's online CTF offers you tons of challenges designed to test and improve your hacking skills thru hacking challenge. Register and get a flag for every challenges.

pwn0 Wargame

  • “pwn0 is a network where (almost) anything goes. Just sign up, connect to the VPN, and start hacking. pwn0 on freenode “


  • Awesome wargame.

OverTheWire Wargames

  • OverTheWire provides several wargames publicly/freely available. All very good quality. Highly recommended.

Smash the Stack Wargames

  • Smash the stack hosts several public wargames of very good quality for free use. Highly recommended.

Making/Hosting your own CTF CTFd

  • CTFd is a CTF in a can. Easily modifiable and has everything you need to run a jeopardy style CTF.

iCTF Framwork

  • This is the framework that the UC Santa Barbara Seclab uses to host the iCTF, and that can be used to create your own CTFs at The framework creates several VMs: one for the organizers and one for every team.

###Vulnerable Virtual Machines


The Hacker Games

  • VM Setup to practice VM breakouts/defense. Hack the VM before it hacks you!
  • VM Download


  • Generates a 'vulnerable' machine using the end users own setup files & product keys.

###Challenge Sites


  • An amazing site. Tracks, lists, scores, various challenge sites. If you’re looking for a challenge or two, and not a wargame, this is the site you want to hit up first.

XSS Challenge Wiki

  • A wiki that contains various xss challenges.

Halls of Valhalla



  • Can You Hack It is a Hacking Challenge site designed to not only allow you to test and improve your skills in a wide variety of categories but to socialise both on the forums and on our IRC channel with other security enthusiasts.


Hack This

XSS Challenge Wiki

###One-off Challenges and Puzzles

Forensics Contest

List of themed Hacker challenges

Sans Community Forensics Challenges