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Attacking & Securing Active Directory

Table of Contents

Active Directory Technologies Attacking AD
ADFS Hunting Users
AdminSD DCShadow
Advanced Threat Analytics DCSync
Advanced Threat Protection Kerberos Delegation
DACLs AS-REP Roasting
DNS Kebreroasting
Domain Trusts Pass-the-*
Forests Shadow Admin
Group Managed Service Accounts(GMSA) Skeleton Key
Group Policy AD Vulnerabilities(CVEs)
Kerberos Defense Evasion
LDAP Collection
Local Admin Password Solution Credential Attacks
Lync Persistence
MS-SQL Privilege Escalation
NTLM Reconnaissance
Read-Only Domain Controllers Lateral Movement
Red Forest
Service Principal Names
System Center Configuration Manager
Domain Trusts
MS Exchange

Active Directory

Email/Microsoft Exchange

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Hardening & Securing Active Directory