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SCADA/Industrial Control Systems

Table of Contents



  • General Tools
    • python-opcua
      • OPC UA binary protocol implementation is quasi complete and has been tested against many different OPC UA stacks. API offers both a low level interface to send and receive all UA defined structures and high level classes allowing to write a server or a client in a few lines. It is easy to mix high level objects and low level UA calls in one application.
    • UaExpert—A Full-Featured OPC UA Client
      • The UaExpert® is a full-featured OPC UA Client demonstrating the capabilities of our C++ OPC UA Client SDK/Toolkit. The UaExpert is designed as a general purpose test client supporting OPC UA features like DataAccess, Alarms & Conditions, Historical Access and calling of UA Methods. The UaExpert is a cross-platform OPC UA test client programmed in C++. It uses the sophisticated GUI library QT form Nokia (formerly Trolltech) forming the basic framework which is extendable by Plugins.
    • dyode
      • A low-cost data diode, aimed at Industrial Control Systems
    • Moki Linux
      • Moki is a modification of Kali to encorporate various ICS/SCADA Tools scattered around the internet, to create a customized Kali Linux geared towards ICS/SCADA pentesting professionals.
    • nmap-scada
      • nse scripts for scada identification
  • Assessment Tools
    • Redpoint
      • Redpoint is a Digital Bond research project to enumerate ICS applications and devices. The Redpoint tools use legitimate protocol or application commands to discover and enumerate devices and applications. There is no effort to exploit or crash anything. However many ICS devices and applications are fragile and can crash or respond in an unexpected way to any unexpected traffic so use with care.
  • Honeypots
    • T-Pot
      • T-Pot 16.03 - Enhanced Multi-Honeypot Platform
    • Conpot
      • Conpot is an ICS honeypot with the goal to collect intelligence about the motives and methods of adversaries targeting industrial control systems
  • Passwords
      • SCADA StrangeLove Default/Hardcoded Passwords List
  • Simulation Software
    • MiniCPS
      • MiniCPS is a framework for Cyber-Physical Systems real-time simulation. It includes support for physical process and control devices simulation, and network emulation. It is build on top of mininet.
    • Simulated Physics And Embedded Virtualization Integration (SPAEVI) - Overview
    • VirtualPlant
      • VirtuaPlant is a Industrial Control Systems simulator which adds a “similar to real-world control logic” to the basic “read/write tags” feature of most PLC simulators. Paired with a game library and 2d physics engine, VirtuaPlant is able to present a GUI simulating the “world view” behind the control system allowing the user to have a vision of the would-be actions behind the control systems. All the software is written in (guess what?) Python. The idea is for VirtuaPlant to be a collection of different plant types using different protocols in order to be a learning platform and testbed. The first release introduces a as-simple-as-it-can-get one-process “bottle-filling factory” running Modbus as its protocol.
    • Blogpost
  • Testing Tools
    • smod - MODBUS Penetration Testing Framework
      • smod is a modular framework with every kind of diagnostic and offensive feature you could need in order to pentest modbus protocol. It is a full Modbus protocol implementation using Python and Scapy. This software could be run on Linux/OSX under python 2.7.x.
    • SCADA Shutdown Tool
      • SCADAShutdownTool is an industrial control system automation and testing tool allows security researchers and experts to test SCADA security systems, enumerate slave controllers, read controller's registers values and rewrite registers data. SCADAShutdownTool allow enumeration of all registers types of a controller include coil outputs, digital inputs, analogue inputs, holding registers and extended registers.
    • Redpoint
    • Digital Bond's ICS Enumeration Tools
  • Assessment Testing(/Methodology)
  • Threat Hunting