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#### Goal:
* Make it informal, list of techniques by grouping, references, better version of RTFM
* List of techinques, tools and tactics to learn from.
* Act similar to "Yellow Pages" book in the sense of you know something exists, but what was it called....
* End goal is for it to be a rich resource of infosec knowledge for anyone to browse through as a jumping off point for various niches within infosec, or as a reference/recall method for other things.
* Something similar to the [MITRE ATT&CK Framework](
* Something similar to the [MITRE ATT&CK Framework]( (eventually)
* Always accepting more links/stuff. Feel free to contribue or suggest something not covered.
#### Why Do I Care?
* Because you're a real human being
* Don't have to constantly google for tools/reminder.
* Easily browsable list of tools, techniques, papers, and research in all sorts of areas.
##### This page
* For latest content updates, check here: [LINK - Things added since last update](
* This page has links to *some* of the content on here. This is still very much a WIP. More content is within the Draft folder. If you want to contribute, feel free.