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#####This page
* This page has links to *some* of the content on here. This is still very much a WIP. More content is within the Draft folder. If you want to contribute, feel free.
[Attacking Android]( - Looking good
[Attacking/Defending Android]( - Looking good
[Attacking iOS](
[Attacking/Defending iOS]( - Needs a lot
[Appsec]( - More
[Building a Pen Test Lab](
[Building a Pen Test Lab]( - Eh
[Computer Hardware attacks]( - General
[Computer Hardware attacks]( - Could use more quality content
[Con Videos]( - Add Defcon Archive; Shmoocon/Ruxcon/etc.
[Con Videos]( - Add Shmoocon/Ruxcon/etc.
[Counter Surveillance]( - Need Legit info
[Counter Surveillance]( - Need more Legit info
[Crypto Currencies]( - In general)
[Crypto Currencies]( - More in general
[Crypto]( - General/form
[Crypto]( - General
[CTFs & Wargames](
[CTFs & Wargames]( - Kinda ok
[Darknets]( - Need more than just reddit
[Darknets]( - Need more than just /r/darknets
[Data Visualization]( - More in general
[Data Visualization]( - More in general; aimed towards representation of security related matters; maybe binary viz
[Disinformation]( - Needs more info, bare
[Disinformation]( - Needs more info
[Disclosure]( - Some historical things
[Disclosure]( - Some historical things; Not really sure if I'll add anymore, I feel this is pretty much a "You are in camp A, camp B, or camp C, but not two or more".
[Documentation & Reporting](
[Documentation & Reporting]( - Looking good but could always use more
[Embedded Devie Security]( - Combine with Hardware Hacking
[Exploit Dev]( - Structure/cleanup/clear out
[Exploit Dev]( - Clean out cull, add shortlinks
[Forensics]( - Integrate from cull list; More anti-forensics; more resources
[Fuzzing]( - Educational stuff; more writeups
[Game Hacking]
[Google Hacking]( - Completely empty
[Google Hacking]( - Need wikipedia stuff, table of dorks
[Hardware Hacking]( - Combine with Embedded Device
[Honeypots]( - More
[Honeypots]( - More, kinda bare
[Lockpicking]( - needs more
[Lockpicking]( - Looking good; needs more books and "official" references/resources
[Logging]( - More for all
@ -68,7 +66,7 @@ Information Security Reference That Doesn't Suck
[Network Recon]( - More in general, more finesse
[Network Security Monitoring]( - more in general
[Network Security Monitoring/Incident Response]( - more in general
[OSINT]( - Looking better - Need to clear cull folder