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  1. ##Lockpicking
  2. ###Cull
  4. ###Introduction
  5. [Wikipedia on Lockpicking](
  6. [Introduction to Lockpicking and Physical Security - DEFCON 13](
  7. [A newbies guide to safes, both opening and using](
  8. ###General Information
  9. [Various types of locks](
  10. ###Guides/Techniques
  11. [Newbies guide to picking safes](
  12. [Attack the Key, Own the Lock - Defcon18](
  13. [Key Impressioning by Jos Weyers - Defcon 19](
  14. [Safecracking for the computer scientist*](
  15. ###Videos/Talks
  16. [Lockpicking by Deviant Ollam](
  17. * Glorious set of videos and instructional information. Must watch.
  18. [Lockpicking how to video using a cut-away lock](
  19. [Distinguishing Lockpicks: Raking vs Lifting vs Jiggling and More - Deviant Ollam](
  20. [Electronic Safe Fail](
  21. * Commonly safes are used in IT to secure backup tapes, certificate roots, and other sensitive material. This talk will demonstrate that many of the safes used to secure these sensitive materials are ineffective. Today there are many varieties of electronic safes that utilize a VERY weak mechanism to physically lock the safe. In many cases there are ways to open the safe in less than a minute that leaves no evidence behind. (Sometimes only a few seconds) This talk will cover my experience discovering the flaw and dealing with a safe vendor to issue a fix, then discovering the inadequacies of the fix itself and vendor's continuing ignorance of the problem with most electronic locks. Fixing these problems can be relatively easy. There will be general instruction on how to fix the problems and what needs to be done by the vendors to make safes well... safer."
  22. ###Books
  23. [Locksport Primer](
  24. [Academic book on Locks](
  25. [MIT Guide to Lockpicking](
  26. ###Sites/Organizations
  27. [The Open Organization of Lockpickers](
  28. * The mission of the Open Organisation Of Lockpickers is to advance the general public knowledge about locks and lockpicking. By examining locks, safes, and other such hardware and by publicly discussing our findings we hope to strip away the mystery with which so many of these products are imbued. The more that people know about lock technology, the better they are capable of understanding how and where certain weaknesses are present. This makes them well-equipped to participate in sportpicking endeavors and also helps them simply be better consumers in the marketplace, making decisions based on sound fact and research.
  29. [lockpicking101](
  30. * A community dedicated to the fun and ethical hobby of lock picking.
  31. [/r/lockpicking - Reddit Lockpicking Community](