Target Selection

  • Target Selection - Pre-ATT&CK
    • Target selection consists of an iterative process in which an adversary determines a target by first beginning at the strategic level and then narrowing down operationally and tactically until a specific target is chosen. A target may be defined as an entity or object that performs a function considered for possible engagement or other action.

Determine approach/attack vector

  • Determine approach/attack vector
    • The approach or attack vector outlines the specifics behind how the adversary would like to attack the target. As additional information is known through the other phases of PRE-ATT&CK, an adversary may update the approach or attack vector.

Determine highest level tactical element

  • Determine highest level tactical element - Pre-ATT&CK
    • From a tactical viewpoint, an adversary could potentially have a primary and secondary level target. The primary target represents the highest level tactical element the adversary wishes to attack. For example, the corporate network within a corporation or the division within an agency.

Determine operational element

  • Determine operational element
    • If going from strategic down to tactical or vice versa, an adversary would next consider the operational element. For example, the specific company within an industry or agency within a government.

Determine secondary level tactical element

  • Determine secondary level tactical element
    • The secondary level tactical element the adversary seeks to attack is the specific network or area of a network that is vulnerable to attack. Within the corporate network example, the secondary level tactical element might be a SQL server or a domain controller with a known vulnerability.

Determine strategic target

  • Determine strategic target - Pre-ATT&CK
    • An adversary undergoes an iterative target selection process that may begin either broadly and narrow down into specifics (strategic to tactical) or narrowly and expand outward (tactical to strategic). As part of this process, an adversary may determine a high level target they wish to attack. One example of this may be a particular country, government, or commercial sector.